2018 Raffle winners


Congrats to all the winners, ticket buyers, sponsors, HuntsofHonor Team, gobbler down and drake down pro staff, and last but not least...the men and women of the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement! If you are a winner, please contact me directly at sean@gobblerdown.com to get the details for shipment/FFL transfer.
Charlie Brown: Super Black Eagle 2
Shawn Spring: Super Black Eagle 2
Glen Watts: Super Black Eagle 2
Remington Versamax Turkey: Brad Richardson
Remington Versamax: Jim Thayer
300 Blackout w/ NV scope: Patrick Parker
Wyndham Arms 5.56: Jacob Watts
Remington 700 6.5 Creedmore: Kerry Kaup
Remington 700 VTAC 22-250: Tim Manning
Sig Sauer Tac Ops .40 : Ray Fratz 

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